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Kirkbrook Lunatic Asylum is a mystery first person adventure game developed in 14 days by 2 people for the Visionaire Studio Quarterly #1 game jam #vsq1 #MadeWithVisionaire

Updated 2 days ago
Tagsadventuregame, Mystery, visionaire-studio

Install instructions

You download a rar file, just decompress the file and run exe file.


Kirkbrook_v1.0.4.rar 168 MB


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Really enjoyed it,  its very well made and the art style is excellent, i'd like to have uncovered more information to reveal the dark past of Mr Donovan. Thanks alot for the help, I made a video of my experience, I hope you don't mind!

Many thanks! Unfortunately we had only 14 days to make the game... :-)

You did a fantastic job in 14 days! I only meant it made me hungry to play more and find out more. Thanks for letting us play it!

Hey, looks cool but cannot find the metal bar!

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Thank you, you should look in a room on the first floor. The metal bar is part of a bed. :-)

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Hah ok thanks, i thought it might be part of that bed but obviously didn't check properly. I'll go back and check again!

Looks for an hotspot in a bed, not a metal bar image.